CHEA Convention

The CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association) Convention was amazing! I arrived on Thursday afternoon. As a vendor, things were pretty slow. As a participant, the fun was just getting started. The first day there was a homeschool class offered for new homeschooling parents for free. This was a great class for those who are looking to homeschool this year or even in the next few years. It provided a lot of resources and affirmation on the importance of homeschooling. I even had a few friends drive in for love and support.


They also opened up the used homeschool curriculum room which had free homeschool curriculum that was used by other parents for you to grab and use. This was extremely generous and encouraging. Towards the end of the night, more people came into the Exhibitors Hall to purchase products it was slow but very peaceful you could just feel this love it was a great first day.


The next day, Friday was a crazy day for me I woke up early in the morning got to my booth and there were people there who were excited to buy my products because they download the CHEA app and looked at my websites ahead of time. Some people had questions, others just wanted to purchase products and a few were coming to get the time of my first class.



My first class started at 2 on that Friday and was full.  I don’t get a lot of product reviews on Amazon so it’s really affirming for me to hear in person that my work is touching lives. I taught the integrating cultural diversity class next and had the sweetest little helper demonstrate the mancala board for me. I ended the night with bloggers night out and I was so honored to even be considered to be on the panel.

These women are world shakers when it comes to being social media influencers, homeschool, and faith-based bloggers. One mom has a YouTube channel called Master BuildersMaster Builders completely dedicated to building these amazing Lego creations with her kids. Another mom Melanie Young is a best-selling author who wrote the book Raising Real MenRaising Real Men with her husband Hal Young. Kristi Clover (the organizer) is a homeschool rockstar! These women are living my dream life so the fact that they considered my feedback valuable was a huge encouragement to me.

I look at my life and I think I’m trying. I’m trying to be an author. I’m trying to be a blogger. I’m trying to be an influencer. I’m trying to be an entrepreneur, but then I look at my schedule I see that I’m actually doing it. I’m doing the things that I set out to do and as long as I maintain my first objective which is to help others by sharing the love of Christ, He always opens doors.


Friday night we sold so many books. People attended my class and wanted to purchase products, as a result, we also started pre-selling the Integrating Cultural Diversity Curriculum which is going to be released at the end of August. Of course, we did the Mom Card Project as well, which receives such a sweet response.



I always get one or two people during events who are really going through a hard time trying to manage their emotions. It’s such a blessing when they see our projects like the Mom Card Project because it’s a reminder that they’re not alone. People aren’t always going to say, “Hey! I have an issue going on. I’m feeling lonely,” or “I’m feeling sad. I’m feeling like I’m not being supported”  but they may stop and pen a quick note to another mom letting them know they are not alone. So the Mom Card Project is a real blessing to people and it really makes people feel connected. I always tell people they don’t have to include their personal information but more and more moms have told me that they’ve included either their email address or their phone number just in case the mom that they send their card to needs somebody to talk to.


Let me just back up and say my husband is amazing. This convention fell on his birthday weekend so Friday morning he took off work, not for his birthday but to come out and support me. He spent all day at my booth, selling my products, while I ran around to speak at all of these different locations in the convention center.

He didn’t rumble or complain one time and I had people stop me and tell me how in love my husband is with me just by the things that he was saying about me. I tell you this man is so amazing. The way he supports me is unbelievable.

Saturday morning was the last day of the convention. This day wasn’t very long CHEA Con was wrapping up with things like graduations for the high school graduates, different concerts put on by homeschool musicians and the last of the classes and workshops.

On Saturday night we decided to go to dinner and a movie alone, it was wonderful. Just being able to be with my husband and spend time with him and really just enjoy each other’s company was pretty cool. We are moving into a season where we are not going to have as many opportunities to get away as we do now, so it was nice to kind of have this precious time with him. I found some amazing products at CHEA Con but they are going to get their own post because I really enjoy the kind of value they’re going to add to our home school year this year. This was my CHEA Con experience and I am so excited for next year.

Make sure to check out the links in this post you will be blessed.



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