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Product Review – Night Zookeeper

There are so many games and supplements out there for math but we found something pretty special for to use for our English and creative writing supplement. Let me introduce you to Night Zookeeper. This online learning system is designed to foster a love of writing through a series of prompts. Students are asked to design characters, give them personalities and describe their actions.

Ease of Use: The kids enjoyed the ability to login on their own. They have access to their characters in the “Your Zoo” tab, they can write, respond to messages, play games and watch lessons.

Your Zoo – Students have the option to create characters or collect characters drawn by other users.

Write – Students can free-write, follow prompts, or even read books. A built in messing platform also allows them to comment on the writings of others.

Games – Students are encouraged to sharpen their writing, spelling and reading comprehension skills through a variety of games. A leaderboard encourages competition and gives them the opportunity to follow new friends.

Lessons- These are engaging instruction videos that introduce things such as sentence structure and parts of speech.

Blog – The blog highlights writings and drawings from various users.

Projects – Various users are able to collaborate on and share literature on specific themes.

Messages- These messages come from the Night Zookeeper program encouraging new activity from the student.

Pros: The program is very interactive, great colors and looks very modern. Night Zookeper does a great job of encouraging the student to take the next step. It doesn’t seem to be paced by grade which allows students to see writings of others at various proficiencies.

Things of note: I was caught of guard by the messaging feature but decided to monitor it rather than remove access completely. The Night Zookeeper tutoring team moderates all content that comes through the platform before publishing. A child can’t do anything in real time – their movements (writing, drawings and comments) get moderated first to ensure a safe and positive environment.

Parent Dashboard: I liked that the parent portal allows you to see exactly what the child has written as well as the comments they have given and received.

Pricing is just $5 a month per child and can be taken in one lump sum of $59.99 for a single child subscription and $77.99 for 2-3 children. The monthly single price is $12.99/month for a single child subscription and $15.99/month for multiple. 

I would recommend this. It took some prompting to get my kids to get started but after the first few uses they requested to “play” Night Zookeeper which makes it a win in my book.