Math Games

My little people LOVE numbers they did not get that love from me but it is a love I try to foster. I happened to find some clothespins at the dollar store. It came in a pack of 50 so I will have to go back for more to make an even 100. I tookContinue reading “Math Games”

Types of Homeschool

While trying to navigate this sometimes overwhelming system I have learned there are many ways to start homeschooling. 1. Online Programs – Programs like allow you to work through the traditional school system but from home. Pros: You child is on track with the state requirements, you have a teacher who you meet withContinue reading “Types of Homeschool”

Who, What, Why?

Who: Hi!! We are the James’ and we are just starting on a homeschool journey. I (Lee) have been married to the man of my dreams (K) for 6 entertaining years. We have three kids SJ, KJ, and AJ Our newest addition AJ is only a few months old! What: Christian, black, homeschooling wife, mamaContinue reading “Who, What, Why?”