Morning Meditation

Meditation for kids – How it works and why we do it!

Raw Key Lime Pie

Crust: ½ Cup shredded unsweetened coconut 1 cup date honey 1 cup walnuts   Filling: 1 cup raw cashews, soaked for 4-6 hours (or overnight), then drained  3/4 cup full fat coconut milk, well shaken 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted  3-4 large limes or 6-7 key limes (1 Tbsp zest, 1/2 cup juice)   1/2 cup dateContinue reading “Raw Key Lime Pie”

Busy or Fruitful?

As a wife, mother, caretaker, and teacher I have “busy” down. I know how to do busy. I can take on a million task willingly and sacrifice time, money and sleep to get things done. Unfortunately, one of the easiest things to overlook is my quiet time with God. Its easy to say going toContinue reading “Busy or Fruitful?”

Outside School

Last night was crazy! I didn’t get home from church until late, I barely made it home without falling asleep. I went straight to bed and woke up at almost 8 this morning! School starts at 9 ya’ll! So I make breakfast (eggs, potatoes, and tomatoes) and sent my husband to the store. We wereContinue reading “Outside School”

Good Intentions

As  I am visiting with a friend I hear the water running outsideI yell out the screen door. “KJ turn off that water!” “Okay mom!” He replies and I hear the faucet is being shut off. A few minutes later I hear the water running again.“KJ!”“Yes mommy?”“Is that water back on?”“Yes.” He sighs knowing heContinue reading “Good Intentions”

New Shoes

These shoes, these very cute shoes belong to Summer and they are two small. At the ripe young age of two years old SJ loves shoes especially this pair, which she’s outgrown.  I’m sitting here watching her try to squeeze into these too small shoes. I’ve tried explaining they’re too small, they will be uncomfortableContinue reading “New Shoes”

Worshiping Through

My sweet girl is teaching me to worship through. To understand how powerful this video is let me tell you about her morning. She woke up and wanted yogurt for breakfast, we didn’t have any more. As her dad fixes breakfast I shower and prepare for a client who’s coming to get her hair done. She wantsContinue reading “Worshiping Through”