Morning Meditation

Meditation for kids – How it works and why we do it!

Shower Curtain Book Nook

I have been obsessed with all these cute book nooks and teepees. So I’d been thinking of a way to make it work for me and my kiddos. I found it! Shower curtains! Why should shower curtains be restricted to the suddy, steamy messy room that houses the commode. No! I will liberate the showerContinue reading “Shower Curtain Book Nook”

Cup Games for Kids

This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping my sister host a baby shower. We had some cups left over and in the blur of exhaustion set the cups down on the floor by the front door. Days later (don’t judge me) I finally picked up the cups. Did I mention we have aContinue reading “Cup Games for Kids”

Let’s Build A Car

What do you do with an empty box, bored kids and art supplies? You build a car!  In the box above I have: A hot glue gun Pipe Cleaners Paint An empty egg carton Star cut outs Scissors Round make up applicators Styrofom or paper plates A Shower curtain The first thing I did wasContinue reading “Let’s Build A Car”

DIY Bath Bombs for Kids

This past week was dubbed “Experiment Week”. Day 1 was DIY Bath Bombs.  Here is what you need:  Empty Christmas Ornament or a Bath Bomb mold  1 Cup Baking Soda  3/4 Cup Epson Salt (Blended until its a fine powder) 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice 1/4 cup water Spray bottle Wooden spoon Food Coloring EssentialContinue reading “DIY Bath Bombs for Kids”

DIY Recycled Car Tunnel

For the past week or so the kids and I have been storing and stocking up on empty food boxes and toilet paper rolls. We knew we were planning for a project but we hadn’t quite decided what. Well while KJ played with cars in the corner of the classroom genius struck.  A car tunnel!Continue reading “DIY Recycled Car Tunnel”

A Day at The Farm

Last week SJ was out of town. She got back Saturday night, we went to church Sunday and started up with school again Monday. She was pretty wiped out and after a week of informal school with KJ we needed something to look forward to. So we told the kids we would go on aContinue reading “A Day at The Farm”

Tile Floor Learning Games

I am loving the tile floor in our classroom and all the cool new ways I am learning to utilize it. This past week I used it for both a sight word and math drill. I define drill as anything I want the kids to answer at a rapid pace. For our sight word drill,Continue reading “Tile Floor Learning Games”

Outside School

Last night was crazy! I didn’t get home from church until late, I barely made it home without falling asleep. I went straight to bed and woke up at almost 8 this morning! School starts at 9 ya’ll! So I make breakfast (eggs, potatoes, and tomatoes) and sent my husband to the store. We wereContinue reading “Outside School”

Good Intentions

As  I am visiting with a friend I hear the water running outsideI yell out the screen door. “KJ turn off that water!” “Okay mom!” He replies and I hear the faucet is being shut off. A few minutes later I hear the water running again.“KJ!”“Yes mommy?”“Is that water back on?”“Yes.” He sighs knowing heContinue reading “Good Intentions”