Product Review – Night Zookeeper

There are so many games and supplements out there for math but we found something pretty special for to use for our English and creative writing supplement. Let me introduce you to Night Zookeeper. This online learning system is designed to foster a love of writing through a series of prompts. Students are asked toContinue reading “Product Review – Night Zookeeper”

The Lesson I Hope You Get From Raising Dion ***SPOILER ALERT***

First let me warn you again this post will have spoilers so if you want to see the Netflix show Raising Dion without spoilers you’re going to have to check another review. This review is solely based on my thought and not that of my children. They have not seen the movie and they probablyContinue reading “The Lesson I Hope You Get From Raising Dion ***SPOILER ALERT***”

Battling Perfectionism

I used to replay my day before falling to sleep. Every comment said, by myself and others. Every mistake made, actual and assumed and I would choose this self-punishment over rest. I would get up the next day, tired, defeated, frustrated and determined to get it right. I had some good days. Days where everythingContinue reading “Battling Perfectionism”

The Great Homeschool Convention Review

This year I had the pleasure of going to the Great Homeschooling Convention in Texas. It was amazing! There are so many things I want to share, so I’m going to break it up by days. Day 1 On Thursday the 15th my mom and I get to the convention center and start to setContinue reading “The Great Homeschool Convention Review”

The Great Homeschool Convention

I love teaching, I love homeschooling and I love Jesus! So of course when I heard about the opportunity to be a seminar speaker for The Great Homeschooling Conventions I had to apply. Well, my application for an Emotional Intelligence for Teens workshop was accepted and I will be teaching on March 17, 2018, atContinue reading “The Great Homeschool Convention”