21 Lessons from a 30 Day Family Vacation

1. Self care matters. For the first time in as long as I can remember I took time to do what I wanted. When I was tired I took a nap. When I wanted to be creative I stopped what I was doing and took time to be creative. This time has allowed me to be intentional about filling up my cup.

2. I love being outside. I can stay inside for weeks at a time focusing on a project or flushing out an idea but this vacation has taught me that I really love being outside and there’s something recharging about being in that energy.

3. I love seeing outside from inside. I love being able to look out on my window and see nature almost as much as I love being a nature itself.

4. Habits matter. This month I really got to watch my habits pay off. Continuing my morning routine has been such a blessing not only to me but to my team and the people that I love and serve.

5. Forgiveness may mean changing perspective. I started this vacation heartbroken and I realized that sometimes I have to change my perspective in order to forgive. Rather than focus on what someone else said or did I took time to focus on my expectations of my relationships and whether or not they serve my life.

6. Fear is the biggest hinderence to success. This is one of the best times of my life financially and it is mind-blowing to realize the only thing that held me back from achieving this earlier in my life was being afraid. Being afraid of making fool of myself. Being afraid of not being good enough. Being afraid of investing in myself and losing. The best thing I could have ever done was invest in a coaching program that I couldn’t afford. It stretched me to figure out how I could afford it and as a result my life has changed.

7. Who you surround yourself with is important. Fill your circle with those who are wealthy: spiritually, physically amd financially. They may not all be the same person. I have always been spiritually wealthy. I have people that pray for me and nourish my soul. It’s my inheritance it’s been passed down for generations and as a result there is a peace in my soul that is unexplainable. I want to pass that on. I get to pass that on.

8. Prayer matters. Starting every day from a place of gratitude allows me to view my day from a perspective of gratitude, opportunity, and graciousness.

9. Take opportunities to lead. Sometimes it’s easy to hang out in the background and let others take the lead but I’m learning in this season I’m called to use my voice.

10. Take opportunities to follow. I’m also called in the season to listen. I have blind spots and when I ignore those who point them out I miss the opportunity to grow in that area.

11. Verbal fast are a thing. – “Take time to be quiet and to keep your peace.” Thanks Lucinda Cross

12. Kids are mirrors. My outer voice becomes my kids inner voice. I get to choose if that voice is critical or encouraging. If it encourages them to move out of fear or from a place of strong character. My foot steps become their roadmap. The way I give and receive love will be a model for them.

13. People have to be ready to make a move before they make a move. Some people want to be ready but just aren’t ready yet. Holding space for them may mean being available when they are ready but not pushing them until they are.

14. People who are ready to make a move thrive on accountability, encouragement and instruction.

15. Being a flawed leader gives others room to exercise their gifts. I don’t have to be perfect. When I show my flaws it show people what’s possible despite what they view as limitations.

16. Naps are awesome!

17. You don’t have to be loved in return. Live in love anyway. Some people may never have the capacity to love you the way you love them. The thing about true love is reciprocity is not a prerequisite.

18. When we lead with generosity we live in reciprocity. Luke 6:38

19. People will only treat you the way you treat yourself. People mirror your behavior of your treatment of self. If you want to be honored, show yourself honor. Thanks Monique Connor

20. Worry is prayer in the negative. Stop praying for the bad things to happen by feeding it energy. As a man thinks in his heart so is he.

21. Life is now. This past month has been incredible. I’m so grateful for this life that we have. We’ve been able to make in the past four months what we brought in for the whole year about 4 years ago. It’s taken work, intention, and for us to be uncomfortable at times but we are done putting off the life we want to live. Life is now.

If you want to connect with us and see what we are doing in our business to be able to homeschool full-time and travel the nation shoot us a message. We love helping others discover and live their purpose!

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