Building Block Fun

Every now and then I like to shake things up and have a game day with the kids. On game day we focus on our learning objectives through play. This game is great for critical thinking, following directions, and spatial perception. For smaller children this would also be a great activity to further develop fine motor skills.

This activity was really simple to execute. I found some cheap blocks online and built various structures. I then took pictures of each structure and had them printed at my local drugstore. Drug stores always have great deals on prints so I snagged a coupon online and paid a few bucks for about 20 photos.

I gave the kids the photos with the easiest structures first and then the more difficult structures at the back of the pack. The kids enjoyed building to the exact specifications. Below are the pictures I used along with a picture of the blocks that I bought online. Feel free to download these pictures and print them out for your kids.

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