Blanket of Love

When we moved into our apartment in AZ I was pregnant with KJ. The apartment manager went home and told her mother in law. This was in August. By October I had this beautiful blanket (pictured below). December 31, 2012 the apartment manager lost her husband. She explained to me, he had been sick a long time and their family expected him to go at anytime. So when I see my son wrapped in this blanket I’m reminded that as a woman was watching her sons life slip away, she was making something for my son as his life was being developed.

The apartment manager and her mother in law moved closer to family and I will probably never see the apartment manager again or meet her mother in law but I’m so grateful that God used her to bless me. I call this a random act of kindness from God, and I call the blanket a blanket of love. 

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